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WMC Health:

How We Got Our Start


WMC Health was founded by two women who believe wellness should be simple and accessible.


Our mission is to provide women's and maternal health resources for those seeking to build the healthcare team of their dreams! The values that guide these methods are through compassion, enthusiasm, simplicity, and evidence-based practice.

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We are an LLC corporation providing community accessible women's and maternal health resources.


Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth (Liz) Simpler a step-mom, aunt, career woman, and clinical psychology grad student. Liz was inspired to help other working women after taking on the role of co-parenting three toddlers. Liz has her Bachelor’s in anthropology and biology from Penn State University and her Master’s in Public Health from Grand Canyon University.


In addition, Liz holds certifications in Worksite Wellness from National Wellness Institute and The National Academy of Sports Medicine. Prior to co-founding WMCPH, over the last ten years of her career, Liz worked with clients and populations to improve health, wellness, and preventative health measures in fitness and nutrition services.


Liz was inspired by Giana’s initial desire to support working moms of all shapes, sizes, and roles and wanted to partner up to devise a plan to conceptualize what health and wellness support the modern working mother needs from her workplace. Liz can be quoted as saying, “In today’s day and age, women shouldn’t have to choose between career and children. We truly can have it all with the proper support and empathy.”

Meet Giana

Giana is a wife, mother, and founder of WMC Public Health Consulting. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Health Education. Her education continues as she completes a Holistic Health coaching certification. She has worked very closely with many corporate partners and has a strong background in business development, education consultation, and advising.


Partnering with other companies that share the same vision, she advocates with legislation to better family leave and working parental rights as well as environmental health affecting physical prosperity. Her inspiration for the business came when she herself became a working mother in corporate America. She saw gaps in the system where support from business and government alike were lacking adequate support for America's working moms. She decided to create a community called the Working Mama Collective but found that while support in community was helpful, it was not enough.


She found it necessary to start inspiring and assisting businesses to join her and Elizabeth on the journey of providing policy solutions to really give working mothers the support they need in the corporate sphere. Her inspiration is drawn from a passion for simple homemaking, intentional parenting, and pursuing a career she is passionate about. She states "There is a depth of power in a woman fulfilled. With the right resources and support a working mother is a work of art"

Our Mission
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