Maternal Health Practitioners

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Childbirth Education

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Maternal Nutrition

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Perinatal Care

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Birth Support

20,000+ Best Mom And Baby Postpartum Bel

Postpartum Care

Build a care team

Concierge Health Services

Support Group Facilitation


Through evidence-based training methods we have created hands-on, interactive workshops, and trainings to improve health outcomes for women.

For New Moms

Virtual appointments to help you strategize and gain better perspective holistically.

Starts with a free "Wellness Strategy".


Strategic wellness planning



Whether you are building a program from scratch or adapting existing program to stay relevant, we will work with you to create the best outcome based solution possible.


Corporate Packages

  • Base Plan: Company survey, scorecard creation, and data collection. Determination of company needs and two advisory meetings. 

  • Employee Health Support Plan: Include WMC Health in your employee benefits package for your working mothers to partner with us for support and various training – monthly advising to mothers in need, to employers on how to support their working moms etc.

  • The Deluxe Employee Health Support Plan: Complete wellness program overhaul- employee interest survey, CDC scorecard completion, development of a team of wellness champions, yearlong strategic plan equipped with goals, deliverables, measurement tools, engagement surveys, monthly emails, tool kits.

  • Contractual employee speaking engagements (Ex: 1/ month, 2/ year etc): Topic chosen from list of consultant expertise and client will receive training for employees.  List of topics: Coming soon 

Areas of Expertise

  • Research

  • Survey creation

  • Program evaluation

  • Worksite health scorecard evaluation

  • Data analytics

  • Environmental health coaching

  • Health Policy Creation

  • Employee wellness program improvement

  • Worksite health promotion campaigns

  • Women’s health

  • Maternal advocacy in the workplace

  • Behavioral health policy and program development