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Employer Needs Assessment

Health Workshops

Return From Maternity Leave On Boarding

Working Parent Workshops

1-1 and Group Holistic Coaching

Support Group Facilitation


Through evidence-based training methods we have created hands-on, interactive workshops, and trainings to improve health outcomes for employees.

Training the professionals

To build a culture of wellness it starts with the top down, training CEO’s and other key stakeholders in a company the importance and benefits of a wellness program on how a wellness program can earn you income and revenue back

Strategic work site wellness development planning

Whether you are building a program from scratch or adapting existing program to stay relevant, we will work with you to create the best outcome based solution possible.

Custom Content Creation

Health policy refers to decisions, plans, and actions that are undertaken to achieve specific health care goals within a society. An explicit health policy can achieve several things. As consultants we can assist in creating these policies and outcomes to drive health outcomes for employees.

For moms NEW

Phone or in-person appointments to help you strategize and gain better perspective holistically.a Starts with a free "Breakthrough Consultation".

Corporate Packages

  • Base Plan: Company survey, scorecard creation, and data collection. Determination of company needs and two advisory meetings. 

  • Employee Health Support Plan: Include WMC Public Health Consulting in your employee benefits package for your working mothers to partner with us for support and various training – monthly advising to mothers in need, to employers on how to support their working moms etc.

  • The Deluxe Employee Health Support Plan: Complete wellness program overhaul- employee interest survey, CDC scorecard completion, development of a team of wellness champions, yearlong strategic plan equipped with goals, deliverables, measurement tools, engagement surveys, monthly emails, tool kits.

  • Contractual employee speaking engagements (Ex: 1/ month, 2/ year etc): Topic chosen from list of consultant expertise and client will receive training for employees.  List of topics: Coming soon 

Areas of Expertise

  • Research

  • Survey creation

  • Program evaluation

  • Worksite health scorecard evaluation

  • Data analytics

  • Environmental health coaching

  • Health Policy Creation

  • Employee wellness program improvement

  • Worksite health promotion campaigns

  • Women’s health

  • Maternal advocacy in the workplace

  • Behavioral health policy and program development

WMC Public Health Consulting

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