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Ways to Give Back to You After Giving to Them

We all know this is the season of giving! So give give give we do all winter long. Hosting, cooking, serving, cleaning, wrapping, and ordering...are you dizzy yet? I am! That and I'm over here getting sick once a month like clockwork because my little boy brings home other kids bacteria as a gift. It's such a wonderful time, the most wonderful time because we get to take some time off from the commutes and clocking in and the dropping off and picking up, BUT our other job...ya know the one that you really don't clock out for and receive compensation in squishy cheeks and slobbery kisses? Yea that one... we're on 100, 100% of the time. And ugh it makes tired just writing about it.

Yes it's a great time, but it can be quite exhausting for a lot of us and honestly, that's okay. It's okay to say that you're kind of over the hustle and bustle. Some of us barely find time to sit down and enjoy the decor, sip the hot cocoa, and enjoy the Hallmark channel so it's time you guys. It's time to give back to you, treat yo self a little. And no...not the kind of treat yo self that has you going into debt, eating pounds of sugar, or anything else possibly self destructive. I wanted to share some simple ways to give back to yourself this holiday season and make sure you're being filled with joy!

1. Outsource. I SAY THIS ALL THE TIME. Outsource where you can. If you're going to splurge somewhere maybe splurge and get a housekeeper to come clean sweep the house before everyone comes over or when everyone leaves or perhaps both. It's worth it! Or may outsource the cooking somehow, calling for a potluck and you claim the salad (bagged salad saves my life). Find ways you can save yourself time and sanity! This gives back to you because it gives you back time and time is, in my opinion, the most valuable thing.

2. Make healthy food choices. Your body will thank you. I know it's easy to just gorge on all the baked goodies and what not, but you will feel sluggish, slow, and tired so not the mood we're going for here. Pick and choose the time you're going to grab an extra treat. Not at 10 am when you're feeling snacky, maybe wait until the work holiday party or the night you promised to bake cookies with the kiddos, then go in on something sweet. This gives back to you because you're practicing self-control, self-love, and giving yourself much needed energy.

3. Practice saying no. If you feel like it I mean. Invites for some are just flying into our inboxes, DMs, text messages, and everywhere else you can imagine. Not every event deserves your RSVP. If you're too tired or too busy, respectfully decline and take your needed time. With this, you're giving yourself your time. It's yours and you get to say how it's spent...kinda like your money honey!

4. Take an extra 10 in the bath. I did this actually the other day, before i started sweating and getting dizzy because my baths are practically boiling water lol! I took my extra 5-10 minutes. Used these super special bath melts my friend and resource queen made me the other day. and soaked up the me time. I have to admit I've been sleeping on baths...they're definitely making a regular appearance in my life script.

5. Don't skip your vitamins. Ok this is mainly for me because my child is up with the sun and sometimes before that i'm making a beeline for the coffee! However, for the last week, I've been drinking a glass of room temp water, taking my multi-vitamin and vitamin B supplement with a gluten-free waffle and eggs while i drink my coffee. I'm making strides to manage my caffeine intake and it's tough, but i'm adding in something of value to help bridge that gap.

Are there simple ways you give back to yourself? Do they happen daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Are you getting to it at all? These are not self-care tips, these are general ways to remind yourself that you exist and need to exist fully healthfully. Set alarms in your phone and godspeed!



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