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How to: Work From Home with Kids

It is no surprise with the world in the state it is with COVID-19 pandemic that many jobs are now going remote for the first time. For those of us who have been fighting to improve flexibility and remote access for many types of work this goes to show that most work truly can be done at home. Many employers have claimed for years that they simply couldn't for one reason or another. It will truly be interesting to see how this shifts the workforce once this virus "fog" lifts. But for now here are our top tips!

1) Make a plan

The night before set an action plan for the kid/kids. Whether it is a color coded schedule (if you operate best this way) or a general plan of attack. Make sure these goals are reasonable so as not to overwhelm yourself...see tip two!

2) Set expectations

Set goals and what to expect the next day for the kids and for yourself. Thing will come up, this is bound to happen so leave room for the nuances or challenges that could arise. Communicate with your children of what they can expect as well, this helps to ease the anxiety and uncertainty of this upheaval in everyone's routine.

3) Work together

Have the kids do activities when you are working. For example, we have our 2.5 year old color or work on her learning activities while we do work as well. This helps them to feel included and productive too! Also keeps them occupied so you can get some work done!

4) Take breaks and one day at a time

Let's face it, this situation is not perfect or ideal and is a real challenge so give yourself and your family grace to weather the storm. Take play breaks or mini exercise breaks. This helps us to be more productive but also them! We will all get through this, one day at a time!

5) Breathe in

YEP! Audibly! Allow your body to have this time to relax and find really is challenging and that is ok!

6) Stay connected

Login to zoom, to social, to whatever platform or manner you need to not feel alone! Social distancing does not mean complete and total cut off from civilization. Make the time to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Remember it takes a village!

7) Rotate when/if possible

This one is a bonus if you have the help of a partner or loved one sheltering in place with you. If the two of you can stagger and work in shifts this can allow the other to crank out some productive work time and then switch!

I hope these help!


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