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I have been sleeping on TED talks for real! Yes, podcasts have been my thing for a minute – I’m enjoying the aspect of listening and absorbing tons of valuable information. Life applicable, self-imprvlovement, growth, and of course health and wellness, topped off with mental stability-these are some of the topics I like to hang out in during a podcast sesh. Sometimes I feel a sensory overload and take a break from taking in so much content so I take a break and then hop back on. However this time, before running back to my go to podcasts, I dabbled in TED talks. Here, I focused on professional development, wellness, and women. So for those of you looking to expand your horizons on TED or find a new source for quality content I’m itemizing my top 10 TED talks to start out with at least so that you have somewhere to begin. Here, I’m focusing on talks that will help encourage working women and working moms and hopefully bring light to new perspectives in your current work/life situation.

This gem sheds light on what your body language says about how and what you think of yourself. This can also be translated into how other view you and an immediate impression on how you’ll impact an individual walking into a room. Personally, it’s made me hyper-aware of my body language when I’m out and about because I ultimately want to come off a certain way professionally, but also at home. What are my actions saying about how I’m feeling about myself or the other people in the room? Interesting perspective here this is TOTALLY worth a listen or two.

By now most of everyone has heard of Ms. Brown and man is she a force to be reckoned with. Powerful words and moving content. Here she dives into how taking ownership of vulnerability is the ultimate superpower and causes and positive yet intense ripple effect.

This is a very brief talk that forces you to take 10 minutes to be mindful. Yea I know “mindfulness” is such a buzzword and to be honest, the time I take isn’t always in 10 minute increments. Sometimes it’s a simple deep belly breath and sometimes it’s quiet time and prayer for me. The point is that if you don’t take time to stop for moments at a time, you will miss your own life.

Want to feel motivated and empowered? Play this talk now. She breaks down the idea of teaching children to be brave (she focuses on raising girls this way in particular) rather than to strive for perfection. I have a little 3 year old boy so teaching him that not only he can strive for bravery and taking risks, but he can have a hand in empowering young girls he encounters to do the same. I’m sharing this ideology with my niece and sister in law. And bookmarked it Incase I have a girl

Wait what? Make stress your friend? I know right it feels weird because stress is the unseen enemy! Stress from life, work, family, kids and were told not be stressed and to de-stress all day everyday. For me, my 30s have been the most stressful decade so far. Now granted I’m only a third in (lol) but this far its been crazy juggling, a husband in school and working, a baby/toddler, and full time job. Stress even wasn’t even the word anymore I could use. I listened to this talk at the peak of my stress and my whole perspective on “stress” shifted. This one might be my favorite talk because it’s all encompassing for a mama working her booty off and supporting a family! I hear you sister. Right there with you. Listen to this and change your life.

I have WAY more seriously I’ve been writing these things down for a while. But I just wanted to put these out there. Working, momming, wifing, homemaking, and dominating professionally is no easy task, but there’s a village. We are the village and sharing these resources is my support.

I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on some of these talks! And please share in the comments some that I can check out that I haven’t found yet:)



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