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A Women's and Maternal Health Care Resource

We educate, create resources, and provide access

to all areas of women's and maternal health.


About Us

WMC Health was founded by Giana and Liz, two women who saw gaps in education and access in the sphere of women's and maternal health. 


We live in a time where women are the future and while we can go catch our dreams, we still need specific care and support along the way. WMC Health is on a mission to ensure that women everywhere have access to proper support, education, and resources for their women's health, maternal wellness, and beyond.

The Working Mama Collective is Our Community


Our Mission

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment



The Working Mama Collective Blog



What We Offer


Everyone woman deserves the knowledge and education to take her health into her own hands. Empowerment is key.

-Giana Vasconcellos


Industry Fact

Policymakers often view women's health by issue area such as breast cancer, chronic disease, or pregnancy. An emerging approach to framing women's health involves looking at a woman's life holistically. 

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