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Bridging the Gap Between Wellness and Working Motherhood

We exist to empower working mothers to know and live what they deserve while blending homemaking and pursuing a thriving career.

About Us

 The WMC Public Health Consulting was founded by working mothers (one mom and one stepmom to be exact) who saw gaps in the corporate wellness and working mother sphere. Working and motherhood are two concepts that have rarely been blended and nurtured to help a woman thrive.


We live in a time where women are the future and while we can go catch our dreams, we still need specific care in so many other ways. WMC Public Health Consulting is on a mission to ensure that working mothers everywhere have the support they need in the workplace to be the homemakers and career leaders they desire to be. 

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There is a depth of power to a woman fulfilled

-Giana Vasconcellos

Industry Facts

Us working women (namely mothers) comprise 46.8% of the workforce in America currently and yet there still lies a gap to keep their female workers long term due to lack of opportunities and resources to support women throughout their lives. A large part of that is providing opportunities for advancement and resources to support life changes as women embark on the journey of balancing career and motherhood. Let's have a look!

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